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Lisbon, 1974.
Lives and works in Lisbon.
BA in Painting by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, with studies in Photography and an MA in Drawing by the same University.
In 2006 Vasco Barata was selected for the Visual Arts Course by the Creativity and Artistic Creation Programme organized by Ar.Co and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Presently attending the PhD programme in Contemporary Art, at Colégio das Artes, University of Coimbra.  
Since the end of the 1990s, Vasco Barata has been presenting his work under different forms, alternating mainly between an exhaustive investigation around the construction and perception of Images (through the practice of Photography, Video and the production of multiple objects) and an attempt to understand the mechanisms of expression implied in the daily practice of Drawing. In his works, he articulates a specific interest by Cinema and the cinematic strategies, by language codification and by a vast range of pop culture referents.


2019 Dreamers Never Learn (Tidal), curated by Carolina Grau, MAAT, Lisbon
2016 Wild Sea Money,Simógrafo, Oporto
Spooky Action At a Distance, Fonseca Macedo Gallery, Ponta Delgada, Azores
2014 Um Peso Fantasma, CAV – Centro de Artes Visuais, Coimbra (curator: Albano da Silva Pereira)
2013 Les Apaches, Appleton Square, Lisbon
Vasco Barata. XXX Shelf Behind the Door, Artists Books’ Weekend, The MewsProject Space, London (curator: Carlos Noronha Feio)
2012 A Ronda da Noite, Old School, Teatro Praga, Lisbon (curator: Susana Pomba)
2011 Matière Noire,Galeria Baginski Projectos, Lisbon
Un Secret, Round The Corner – Teatro da Trindade, Lisbon
Shades of Gray, Solo Project - Galeria Nuno Centeno, JUSTMAD2, Madrid
2010 Quelque chose qui n’est pas encore endormi,Arte>Contempo, Lisbon
The Film series (epilogue), Galeria Alecrim 50, Lisbon.
Shades of Gray, Reflexus – Arte Contemporânea, Oporto
2009 Blindness White, O Vitrinario da Boavistaproject, Lisbon
2008 AfterGlow,EmptyCube, Lisbon
The Film series (to be continued),Reflexus – Arte Contemporânea, Porto
2007 Wallpapers, <Zoom – Galeria Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon (curators: Miguel Amado and Filipa Oliveira)
1999 Behind an Image lies another,FBAUL, Lisbon
1998 Rethink space, FBAUL, Lisbon

2012 Os Nossos Ossos: Ariadne
2009 Hard Coeur: Undisclosed Recipient


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