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As part of its fifteenth anniversary commemorations, Galeria Fonseca Macedo presents an exhibition that anticipates a new stage in its work of programming and divulging contemporary art events. The gallery's quite independent career is driven by a deep investment in artistic creation, a stance that constantly keeps its founders focused on captivating new audiences and promoting art collecting.

Over the past fifteen years, the gallery has welcomed artists in different stages of their careers, architects, curators, lecturers, historians and performers, looking beyond its sociocultural context (while never neglecting it) to bring its artists to international art fairs with the same earnest mindset as its Portuguese and foreign peers.

Far from being a hindrance, its decentralized geographic location, the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, offered a platform on which works by local artists could be displayed, while also facilitating and supporting their participation in exhibitions and other projects in the Portuguese mainland and abroad. This continuous, persistent and dynamic approach to work is due to the close ties the gallery's owners and staff had from the start cultivated with the community of artists and institutions with which they have collaborated.

Fifteen years later, we see that the wider artistic context has embraced innovation: the Azorean museums have continued to monitor the developments of contemporary art, Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, a new arts centre, has began its multidisciplinary work and the gallery itself continues on its path of constant renewal, thus showing is vitality as well as its need to experience and develop the new visions present in the work of the Portuguese and foreign artists that give continuity to its history. 2000-2015, an exhibition that opened at the same time as the fourth Walk & Talk Public Art Festival, presents a full overview of the gallery's cultural project by featuring thirteen artists from three generations, whose work explores a variety of artistic approaches and forms.

This will also be a moment to reveal the potentialities of a wider programme, in which each exhibited piece will contextualise the solo shows by each artist featured in the present exhibition.

João Silvério

July 2015

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