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“9.11” pictures were and are still repeatedly shown as evidence of the terror lived in New York. The insistence in presenting these videos and photographs, together with their spectacular dimension, unmistakeably intends to raise these deaths above any other human lives anywhere else in the planet. This becomes even more disturbing and clear on comparing “9.11” videos with the abstract fireworks pathetically diffused by TV stations all over the world to illustrate the Gulf War bombings. Bush, Blair and Aznar met in Portugal to reconfirm their intention of, against everything and everyone, continue the terror campaign the USA have been spreading all over the world during the last decades. Their position is apparently legitimate, since it aims at giving New Yorkers the right to live on peacefully, with all the safety and freedom due to animals living in a wildlife preserve. These eleven photographs were taken between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The central pictures were taken as each of the three planes landed. In order of arrival: Blair, Aznar, Bush. The other eight pictures were taken before and after. As in 1991, the massacre that was decided on this meeting is not seen, but that is of no consequence. Instead, we have the idyllic Azorean landscape, courtesy of Barroso.

16 de Março de 2003

Augusto Alves da Silva 


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