Bodies ◄ Back

"Dimitri Horta, who is of Portuguese descent and grew up in Zug, Switzerland, is one of the salient new talents in the art scene. The fascination of his work generates from the encounter of the abstract and photorealist poles, and by the alternation of formats - from small to large, and back. In deciding to opt for vivid portrayals, the artist's pictures reflect his continual quest for inner truth, the fierce desire for proximity. Human skin becomes Horta's canvas - projecting passion and soul. The essence of the flesh, which Horta even further radicalises in his pictures of the body by opting for detail, is severed from aesthetic entirety. The individuality of each model disappears behind wrinkles, thighs, stomachs, arms and legs, allowing space for the artist's own passion, the incessant quest for a convergence with the vastly feminine. Horta's work focuses on a central theme of fear and the endless pursuit of progression in life. A forward outlook, which, in and of itself, provides that common hope linking the individual to the masses. Security. Johannes Bösiger Screenplay writer, film producer and editor of the weekly newspaper ""Sonntags Zeitung"" in Zurich "

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