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The works that are now being presented by Fonseca & Macedo Gallery are recent. The paintings possibly present a new facet of an artist who, for many years, was almost entirely dedicated to the art of engraving. If, in its non-minimalist simplicity, “Saint Teresa’s” Ecstasy” is a metaphor which is not foreign to the myth of Icarus and “Flower” envelops within itself memories of “Rite of Spring,” “Red House” may raise questions about the world hidden within, questions to which I myself cannot find answers. There are certain paintings conceived within a metaphysical line, this one included, that are made, I would say constructed, not to be transparent and easily interpreted, but to make us question ourselves about the proposal that is presented to us. Possibly in opposition to the hermetic character of the paintings, the engravings and boxes which constitute the other part of this exhibition reflect a “joie de vivre” that needs no explanation, for through their transparency they speak for themselves.

March 2005

Bartolomeu dos Santos


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