Five Azorean Artists in Boston ◄ Back


The selection of works of art depicted in the Lobby and in the Restaurant Reserve include photography, painting and drawing by the artists born in the Azores:

Sandra Rocha, Urbano, Catarina Branco, Victor Almeida and Maria José Cavaco.

All these works are part of individual projects develloped for single exhibitions which took place at Fonseca Macedo-Contemporary Art.

According to the dimensions and decoration of the two spaces, the decision was to show big size works in the Lobby, to catch the attention of the public and to inspire a new atmosphere, deeply influenced by the cultural and religious memories of the works by Catarina Branco.

For the Reserve, the choice was to organize a group of drawings and photos whose contents and sizes were adequate to the decoration of the Restaurant.

Urbano's paintings on paper dated from 2008, when he opened his exhibition "Last Flowers" at the Fonseca Macedo in honor to his mother, who had always been very fond of flowers before becoming very ill.

Victor Almeida shows here two beautiful paintings on paper of his daughter, Sofia, when she was a baby.

The photos by Sandra Rocha  are part of the project "Love Stream", shown in the Gallery in 2009. It was the result of long trips in different countries. In fact, here we can see three photos in the United States made

The two large oil on canvas by Maria José Cavaco belong to the project "A Sense of Possibility ", whose exhibition finished last January, at the Gallery. It is formed by a book and 7 oil on canvas, four of them of large dimensions, 2,0x1,5 metres and the olher three pieces of 0,5x0,75 metres, approximately.

Like most of her projects, this one is also highly influenced by literature. The title Maria José chose for the book "A Fairer House than Prose" is a line from an Emily Dickinson's poem. The second part of the project - the paintings - received the title "A hazy medium of mist", a phrase taken out of the book by Robert Musil, "The Man Without Qualities".


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