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"Following the proposed itinerary, our view comes upon a nook that readily becomes a detail. Once there, the voice of silence and the intensity of the light lead our gaze to the image. In a perfect accord, they instill a sense of calm and harmony. Each angle leads to the discovery of a familiar space, a place not usually shared. We are allowed to invade someone's privacy and, simultaneously, to evade our own thoughts, imagining the sounds, smells and colors wich exist together on a daily basis. It's strange! We see the radio but there is no sound; we see lamps but there is no light; we see spoons but there is no flavor; we see flowers but there is no smell; we see chairs but there is no one...the solution dwells within the pleasure of imagining. Each one of us hears the music, sees the light, savors the taste, senses the smell, sees whomever we want to see. This synesthesia permits us to prolong the image, distort it and transform it according to our taste. Throughout the pictures, details are diluted in the color. However, they are neither obvious nor simple, although they emphasize freshness and freedom of movement. A hint is made to our curiosity to uncover that wich is not observed. It is the attentive and indiscreet gaze of Monteiro Gil that leaves ajar a door leading to his private life, thereby imparting a very personal tone to his work. Step by step, we come upon a dichotomy between the whole and the part, a duality between reality and verisimilitude. The magic of the picture bewitches our trajectory, eludes us. Lost? No! There is always a light coming from a window or from a hidden reflection, guiding us, inspiring us. Here, there... within you... without you... in this or another place, we stroll within the intimacy of the other. We are accomplices to the curiosity of the artist, allowed to enter up to where his gaze permits. In color... in black and white... Ana Palma"

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