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Usually I work in the art field when the images that come to my mind become obsessive and are the result of experiences and rarely a result of memories.

This time it was images and titles. This wasn’t usual.

We have been living one of the longest and painful crisis of complete collapse and tension without apparent alternative which leaves us not so much space to be complete human beings.

Anyway, Portugal is a very beautiful southern country. Fragile, emotional and little rational that oscillates between good and bad behavior and unruliness. I think that so far Portugal didn’t decide if it wants to belong or not to the European Union with which it doesn’t feel identified enough or if it prefers other continents.

But all Europe will have to change its present structural system and operation and we don’t know how it will be and how long it will take.

Maybe because of that, I felt I had to act diverging my attention to the art field through my last obsession: the crisis. The last one I have been living, and with that become more active. The only way I have to see it from the distance.

My sons and Eduardo Nery, Paula and Miguel, as well as Paulo Pires do Vale encouraged me and helped me a lot to move forward.

It is not by chance that the titles of the exhibition are so clear. The main ones are “Restlessness” and “Waiting Room”, the secondary titles will be “Drawing of the little girl running away from her support”, “Furniture running away from its fate” and “Furniture affirming its uselessness”.

Ana Vieira


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