The Moon Does It At Night ◄ Back

"As a child I saw the man in the moon. He seemed to me old and bent over. If you dig a hole through the earth, you will come out in Australia, they said to me. And on the other side of the moon there lived a rabbit, I believed. The moon makes plants grow and pulls relentlessly at the sea. That is why there is so much salt. Just as plants crave water, the sun and the moon, I too crave for pictures, since, in rare moments, they evoke unimaginable satisfaction and harmony in me. To be with oneself and to want to know more about the essence of things, about the intimate, about the mysteries which melt ice and snow and make water flow. I think of landslides, fissures and raging torrents. People, animals, plants and even things speak a language that I would like to understand better and express through pictures. I wanted to understand everything, the gurgle of springs, the fear of fish or the twinkle in the eyes of deers. ""Mountains exist, so that people might plunge into ravines"" Alfred Hitchcock used to say. It is obvious that living means danger and torment. It is part of our existence. ""The work of art is a protection against the invisible that lurks everywhere, spreading fear. It is a protective barrier against diffuse animism"" as the art critic Carl Einstein discerned quite early. The preparation of an exhibition is a demanding process for me. Careful thought about location and space affect the creation of the works. Is it at all sensible to send art to the Azores? But what is sensible? It does not matter, - The invitation to exhibit in Ponta Delgada pleased me immensily. I actually know the Azores only from the weather forecast. If a high pressure area from the Azores was announced in the afternoon news, my father would prepare his scythe and cut the meadow. As a child I imagined the Azorean high to be big, round and very warm. A sort of heat ball floating very quickly and softly in the direction of Switzerland, to make the farmers happy and the hay dry. I have accepted the invitation for this exhibition and already imagine a big box with my works flying across the Atlantic like ""the flying class room"". I am sending ""cultural gifts"" to an island; mountains and people, beacons, salt for the sheep and staffs for the shepherds. Art allows a more heightened insight into natural processes. With technology our view of things changes constantly. We fly around the world and see the earth from the outside. Why is the first space tourist called Tito? In the last centuries painters stood freezing at the foot of mountains, looking up in order to paint heroic colossuses. I utilise aerial photographs to find, through manual enlargement, monsters, spirits and enchanted beings. I explore the topography of the immense souls, whose essence we are.Everything is within us and Everything is synchronic. It is a question of distance, of how we experience the world. When seen close up, any supposedly realistic picture dissolves into abstract symbols,and becomes a painted text,in a secret writing made of colours and shapes. Contemplated through the window of the soul, the moon gives birth to pictures, smiling gently. Josef Felix Müller "

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