Writing on Water ◄ Back

"Azorean Ocean Enigmatic, An evanescent vista, without limits, An endless tapestry whose spirit I have tried to capture. An ocean of light and color, a rainbow prism With all the islands symbolizing one color With the very word color (""cor"") in the name of the archipelago. I have spoken with the Azorean Ocean many times, In this very peculiar geographic location, at a distance from all continents And yet able to capture their waves through the creative motion of the currents. A neuralgic point, a historical place, a telluric fault line. These utopian islands evoke the splendor of the light in Renaissance canvases And remind me that the great discoveries were contemporaneous with the Grand creations of Italian art. The islands of the Azores represent the fifth essence of the Atlantic Ocean. I kept on going and coming between Paris and the Azores and painting and taking photos in order to capture this constant matter, which was so fluid that it always seemed intangible, an emblematic figure of time which drips, within the incessant respiration of this great liquid body which surrounds us and which imprints upon us the nostalgic longing of the heart. I used to try reading in this vision, in this mirror of the world, and on this crystal surface these images appeared which I tried to decipher: colored vibrations, mysterious alphabet, illuminated parchment, musical score. The history of humanity seemed to be inscribed within its colored undulations and the photographs captured these reflexes to the quarter of a second and led me through a passionate and colorfully vibrant grand journey. Translated by Rosa Simas "

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