No Feminino

Alice Albergaria Borges Beatriz Brum Catarina Branco Cristina Ataíde Isabel Madureira Andrade Manuela Marques Maria Ana Vasco Costa Sandra Rocha Sofia Caetano

28 November | 08 February, 2020


Press release

The Fonseca Macedo Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its new space at the Manuel Augusto Amaral Street, 10 A, Ponta Delgada, on the 28th November, 2019, with the group exhibition “No Feminino”.
. Alice Albergaria Borges (Lisbon, 1997) – Weaving
. Beatriz Brum (Ponta Delgada, 1993) – Drawing, Light boxes
. Catarina Branco (Ponta Delgada, 1974) – Drawing and Watercolour
. Cristina Ataíde (Viseu, 1951) – Sculpture in bronze and stone
. Isabel Madureira Andrade (Ponta Delgada, 1991) – Painting and Drawing
. Manuela Marques (Tondela, 1959) – Video
. Maria Ana Vasco Costa (Lisboa, 1981) – Drawing and Pottery
. Sandra Rocha (Angra do Heroísmo, 1974) – Collage on digital print
. Sofia Caetano (Ponta Delgada, 1987) – Video and Photography

The exhibition “No Feminino” aims to call the community´s attention to the richness of the investigation and artistic creation of women artists in the XXI century, from the Fine Arts to the expressions more associated with the Design and the Handicraft.
Important part of the exhibition, and widening the extent of the artistic expressions, a performance by the ballet dancer Maria João Gouveia with costume design by Sara França will take place on the exhibition opening and also on the 14th December, at 5 pm.
Taking advantage of the size and the light conditions of the new space, the Fonseca Macedo Gallery presents a very interesting group of young artists, with different expressions, born in the Azores or having a special familiar or affective relationship with the Islands, introducing them and showing their work so that they can be recognized by our territory.

NO FEMININO Perfomance