Press release

The exhibition “Slow Atlas” is formed by 3 series of works: a group of drawings with graphite on old maps, 2 monochrome big size paintings, photographs from the series “Slow Atlas”, which gave the title to the exhibition, and also a sculptural object.
The drawings were made after an artistic residence in the Azores, during which the artist observed the first museological registers, as a result of the direct observation, many times empirical, of the natural, meteorological and geological phenomena of the Island.
The monochromatic paintings, with the title “The Bellman`s Map”, develop the research about the phenomena of the island. They also refer to the chapter of the book “The Hunting of the Snark”, by Lewis Carroll, in which the characters undertake a search for a fantastic being – the Snark. As an instrument, they only have a map of the ocean, an absolute void.
On a wall sculpture, with three hexagonal shapes, lay two closed maps, a geological map of the North Portugal and another of the South.
At last, a series of photographs, a personal travel and documentation file, where we can find images of the Azores, Austrian Tyrol, and the French Perineos, a heterogeneous selection of photos that form a body of an archive the artist considers as an Atlas, and that reinforces the research he has been doing about the geography of conceptual spaces, building a drift path on which his work is based.