Untitled (Slow Atlas), 2019, photography printed on cotton paper, 120 x 82 cm, ed. 3/3 + 1 A.P.


Biography Marco Pires ◄ Back

1977, Alcobaça, Portugal.
Lives and works in Lisbon.
Marco Pires graduated in Painting from FBAUL, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, in 2001.
Has regularly exhibited since then. He focuses his attention on issues inherent to the understanding and representation of space. His work ponders the nature and efficiency of language, deconstructing in unexpected ways the codes and expectations that communicate its existence to us.

Solo Exhibitions
2020 Slow Atlas, Galeria Fonseca Macedo, Ponta Delgada
2019 Slow Atlas, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Oporto
2018 Ilha, Porta 14, Lisbon
2017 Ouvido no Deserto, Galeria João Esteves de Oliveira, Lisbon
2015 West, Fonseca Macedo – Arte Contemporânea, P. Delgada, Azores
AR Sólido (com António Bolota), Lisbon
2010 X, Y, Z, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Oporto
Desvio, Paços do Concelho, Torres Vedras, Portugal
2009 Obras sobre papel, Galeria João Esteves de Oliveira, Lisbon
2008 Toporama, Appleton Square, Lisbon
2007 Displacement Maps, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Oporto
Rebatimento, Sala Poste-ite, Oporto
White Lies, Galeria Caroline Pagès, Lisbon
2006 Magnificare, Sala Poste-ite, Oporto
2005 Horizon, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Oporto
2004 Paisagem Branca, Fuga Pela Escada, Guimarães
Lustro, Galeria Consigo, Coimbra
2002 Cell data, Galeria Artfit, Lisbon
1998 Cisterna da Faculdade de Belas Artes, Lisbon
1995 Ala Sul do Mosteiro de Alcobaça, Portugal
2015 EDP Foundation New Artists Award
2007 Ariane de Rothschild Art Prize
2005 Ariane de Rothschild Art Prize
1998 Jovens Criadores, Clube Português de Artes & Ideias
Junta de Extremadura, Consejería de Agricultura y Medio Ambiente, Spain
PLMJ Foundation
Leal Rios Collection
PCR Collection
Marín Gaspar Collection
EDP Foundation
José Carlos Santana Pinto Collection

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