5 A.M.

Maria Ana Vasco Costa

15 July | 17 September, 2022


Press release


Maria Ana Vasco Costa usually wakes up at dawn. This threshold moment, between night and day, is suspended between the trance and restlessness of getting started. It is here that things emerge, repeat and transform themselves. This suspension and dilation of time allows her to enter

a place of play, which she sees as essential to materialize images, gestures and movements.

The work Maria Ana has been developing seeks to find and establish connections between the fragment and ceramic material as an image resulting from a collection of memories of her personal perception of nature. In sculptures executed
in glazed ceramics that resemble geological formations, rock fragments or pieces of ice, the artist works with aspects of color, depth, temperature, variation and sound.

In her works, she stems from natural elements that are suspended and in permanence. This idea is proposed by the use of glaze, whether on a ceramic surface or on rock. If the idea of freezing image is associated with a two-dimensional format, – through photography or painting

– when it finds a place in sculpture as a body that inhabits the space and suggests interaction, there is an invitation to enter and move through this moment of suspension.

5.A.M. is a place of play between form, body, and nature. It is a sculptural piece with several elements that resemble both a human scale game board, and a landscape fixed in time, a still life, where several elements and positions establish relationships of balance or tension, of movement or stagnation, negotiation or complementarity.