“Família Feliz” e mais umas coisas

Patrícia Garrido

20 April | 17 June, 2023


Press release

“Happy Family” and a few more things.



Patricia Garrido (Lisbon, 1963) began her career in the 1980s and her work has systematically referred to real or fictional memories of her own life, which can be plastically materialized through visionary and emotional intellectual games, giving rise to the invention of almost labyrinthine forms that bring us closer to supposed or even real geometric-mathematical exercises. If drawing is left with the greatest possible clarity of its discourse, painting conveys its restlessness through its material density and its chromatic obscurity.


In this exhibition, we are permanently referred to the almost insoluble enigma: what is painting is drawing, what is drawing is painting. The irony, always so present in the body of Patrícia Garrido’s work, is incorporated here once more, this time, in the very title of the exhibition, deepening at the conceptual level this enigma, only apparent, and which leaves us, finally, the weight of the decisions regarding the keys to understanding the work.