Press release

GMO Omen Optimization


in collaboration with Clairvoyant Entities from Another Dimension

The organisms that inhabit the earth undergo, voluntarily or involuntarily, mutations over the centuries. Resulting from genetic errors, scientific experiments or esoteric appeals, these mutations take on the most diverse forms and physiognomies. Genetic nature is no longer a set of inevitable characteristics and predispositions and can be changed, despite the ethical limits that guide the transformation processes induced by human beings. In Omen Generally Improved, Sofia Caetano presents an investigation into the transmuting universe in which visuality accumulates information and an immersive sensorial experience.

At first, a story of curiosities about genetic transformation in animals is revealed; it is not a continuous or exhaustive history, but an interspersed chronology that is more than sufficient casuistry of the possibilities of genetic mutation and, therefore, also of its dangers. Remember that Sofia Caetano’s work operates in a field of research that combines ecological urgency with advances in technology, using a tragicomic approach that never detracts from the seriousness it demands. In this way, the drawings on canvas and the objects that make up this chronology resemble (despite not being) scientific illustration.

There is no purist concern in Caetano’s work with the medium itself. Her work always assumes a post-media installation nature that does not focus on the hierarchical discussion between plastic and visual supports. Therefore, in a second moment, in which human spiritual change is made possible, a multimedia installation and painted portraits appear. For several months now, the artist has been working closely with Seer Entities from Another Dimension to be able to present here the results of a research that allows the last human mutation: spiritual improvement in accordance with subjective desires. To participate and get your portrait, you can contact the Entities via email ( and they will do their work. Tests were carried out with a group of volunteers, meeting all safety and control conditions, the results of which are also presented in the form of an amulet-portrait for those who want to be transformed.

All these changes are anchored in belief structures that are not necessarily theological. Even scientific logic is based on convictions that are only proven a posteriori. The concept of omen that begins the titular formulation precisely includes the meaning of omen, something believed in for the future. In this exhibition, you are invited to travel in and through change and to look at another dimension without fear of not being the same again. Sofia Caetano’s mutant genealogy, in collaboration with Seer Entities from Another Dimension, reminds us that the desire to change is a constant of the human being.


Ana Cristina Cachola

October 2023