Tempus edax rerum


23 May | 29 June, 2019


Press release

Tempus edax rerum

In the houses where I have lived, there has always been a garden full of flowers. Flowers, many, and also roses. Among all, those from the old rosebush were the most precious.

This morning I picked some branches, bushes, flowers and roses. Now they are in my studio and will be my models. 

I spend my days painting these “naturezas mortas” (still lifes), always the same, again and again, one a day.

I observe and register how they change and react to the erosion of time. Step by step, they die, justifying the expression “natureza morta”.

The flowers became wilt and I took them back to the garden. They are buried in the earth and will be fertilizer for the plants.

Slowly and silently, new flowers will bloom.


from the Azorean Studio Diary, 2019